(UK) The youngest students are attacking teachers; 'It is a ticking time bomb'

Aug 27, 2017, London Daily Star: School pupils as young as FOUR face suspension at school FORTY infants are being sent home every school day for attacking their teachers. The conduct of these children, aged four to seven, has got significantly worse in recent years with a record number being suspended. In the last year, the number of youngsters being banished for physically attacking an adult has risen by 23%. Across all primary and secondary schools in England the age group that received the most suspensions for attacking adults at school was Year 2, where children start the school year aged six. Christopher McGovern, Chairman of the Campaign for Real Education, said: “The current increase in infant exclusions is the tip of the iceberg and should be seen as serious. “It is a ticking time bomb for secondary schools, in particular, and for the future wellbeing and good order of our society.”