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(UK) Teesside: Autism school: 20 students/6 teachers/15 aides

Nov 10, 2022, Teesside Live: 'He’s in a place where he’s understood': New school for autistic children branded as 'game changer' by parents

NE England

Parents of autistic children on Teesside have branded a new specialist school as a “game changer” for their families, just weeks after it opened its doors.

Kiora Hall, on Ragpath Lane in Norton, is run by the North East Autism Society and works in partnership with Stockton Council. The school has taken on 20 pupils so far, some of whom have been out of education for years.

Having a specialise school on their doorstep means these children don't have to leave the area for their education - and parents are saying they can already see a huge difference in their children. …

The school has six teachers and 25 teaching assistants all trained in autism and other neurodiversity conditions. Staff carry out in-depth assessments of each child before they arrive so they can create a personalised learning plan for them….

“They have seen a difference in her already – she is so much happier now. She’s even joined in circle time, whereas she used to stay in a corner on her own. It’s such a relief to know she can be there until she’s 19.”

A student at Kiora Hall

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