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(UK) Teachers in England protest over VIOLENCE in schools

July 1, 2019, (UK) Manorama English: UK teachers protest student violence in school …Last day, I witnessed a strange sight. 16 of the 22 teachers in one of the top schools in Britain were holding a demonstration. The picketing was not for a rise in salary or job security. The bunch of teachers were seeking protection for themselves from student attacks. Some students reportedly, head to school armed with 12-inch knives. Though the school ousted a student who had threatened a teacher with a knife, he was later taken back…. Teachers are scared out of their wits to even step out into the school corridors during lunch break and other free hours. The teachers have little chances of escaping if they are caught among aggressive students out to cause mayhem…. Some of the parents also complained that their children were attacked by violent students. The teachers further complained that the management did not taken action even after they pressed the panic alarm button in school systems during dire situations.


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