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(UK) Swindon: $1.7M SPED overspend/ $52M for 'high needs' from central govt.

June 30, 2021, Swindon Advertiser: Plan revealed to claw back £4.5m overspend in Swindon's school budget SW England

The budget for Swindon’s schools to help children with extra needs will be overspent by more than £1.2m [$1.7M U.S.] this year. This is only 0.59 per cent of a total schools budget of £216m, but it brings Swindon’s total deficit on its education budget to £4.5m. Members of Swindon Borough Council’s school forum wil be given details of a recovery plan next week.. The report to be made to the forum next Tuesday shows the largest portion of the grant from central government is money sent straight to schools – at £161m for 2021-22. Next comes 'high needs' at £37.5m, [$52M] and then a portion for early years at £15.8m and central schools services at £1.1m…. With the last two overall budgets also being over-spent there is already a deficit of £3.2m and this projected extra expense will take the deficit for Swindon to £4.5m…. One of the main aims of the plan is communication. The report says: “Communication is a fundamental approach to improving children’s behaviour. "Actions will include investment in speech and language therapy, a focus on early years and primary and the outcomes from pre-birth to age five by investing in speech and language, therapy teams, and screening tools for speech and language.” The report says the borough’s 'positive behaviour support service' will focus on families and school transitions and activities for those over 16….


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