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(UK) Sussex: Preschool adds sensory room

Nov 23, 2022, Sussex World: Silverhill Playgroup receives game changing donation for sensory room in St Leonards-On-Sea

SE England

Staff and children at The Silverhill Playgroup have reason to celebrate this month, thanks to a £1,500 [$1,800] donation from David Wilson Homes. The funding will be used to create a sensory room at the nursery’s base in St Leonards-On-Sea, as well as to make improvements to its outside area.

…The sensory room will comprise of Soothing Lights/Smells and Sounds, along with Specialist Toys, developing the children’s visual, tactile and auditory skills. The playground will also see improvements including, Balance Bikes to encourage Gross Motor Skills, along with Storage, Visual Displays, Plants and Flowers, giving the space a new lease of life for spring.

Becky Dixon, from The Silverhill Playgroup, commented: “Learning to play, discovering change and allowing children to work on expressing their emotions are vital in our work here at The Silverhill Playgroup, …


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