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(UK) Surrey: 16-y-o w/autism, epilepsy denied transport to school

May 9, 2022, Sun: 'ABSOLUTE MADNESS' My son, 16, has missed school for eight MONTHS because the council won’t pick him up for me

SE England

A MUM has told how her son has missed school for eight MONTHS because the council won’t pick him up for her.

Full-time carer Emma Kerry says her disabled kid Levi, 16, was axed from Surrey County Council’s transport list with no notice.

As a result Levi, who has nonverbal autism as well as developmental delays and epilepsy has been missing out on class because his mum can’t drive….

She only found out he had been taken off the list when she received a call from the school last summer.

Emma then filled in the necessary forms required and was once again "accepted for transport and assistance straight away" due to his epilepsy.

But no bus has turned up to collect her son - leaving her to teach him at home.

She told Surrey Live: "The last time I spoke to Surrey County Council was two months ago. Apparently, they haven't got a bus for him.

“Levi doesn't read and he doesn't write. Back home with me, what can I teach him?

"He needs school and it's just absolute madness that for eight months they can just leave a little boy at home.

“I've emailed them constantly and rang them but they don't ring me back or contact me."

Emma says her son “loves school” - and even missed getting the Covid vaccinations that were given out at school.

Emma said: "I don't know what else to do and where else to turn to get him back to school….

“A few weeks and then they're off for the summer. Then I've got to fill out forms again for September for him to be accepted again."

A spokesperson for Surrey County Council said: “Whilst we can’t comment on individual cases, we always put the wellbeing of all children on transport first in our decision making.

“We know the issue of school transport assistance can be complex, particularly in the current landscape where there is a national shortage of drivers which is profoundly impacting transport availability….


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