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(UK) Sunderland Echo debates use of isolation booths for disruptive students

Jan 18, 2020, Sunderland Echo: Echo readers back a call for an end to use of isolation booths in schools With concern growing that an increasing use of the booths for disruptive students could have serious effects on young people's mental health, we asked if their use should be stopped. More than 1,000 people voted, with 51% saying yes and 49% no. Comments on on our Facebook page reflected the close division of opinion. Louise Gibson said it was ‘very difficult, in fact impossible for staff to balance those who want to learn, those who don’t and those who can’t. Somebody needs to research slippage time in classes caused by bad behaviour and disruption,’ ’…
But Jen McPurvis said: “Children who don’t cause disruption have a right to an education and unfortunately it could be be what is best for majority of pupils “If children have genuine issues then they are not always the best solution but for those children being purposefully disruptive, there needs to be consequences and a quiet, personal space is not the worst that I could think of.”


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