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(UK) Suffolk: Tax increase to address "education and special education needs"

Dec 22, 2022, East Anglian Daily Times: Suffolk's proposed 4% tax rise comes under opposition fire

East England

The Conservative administration at Endeavour House said it was pleased with the government's grants and is proposing to raise its element of council tax by 3.99 per cent - one per cent less than the maximum allowed by the government.

The government had said it could raise 2.99 per cent for general council tax and two per cent for social care. The council is proposing an increase of 1.99 per cent plus the 2 per cent. The general council tax rise can be partly used for social care provision as well as other services. The settlement for Suffolk includes an extra £1million [$1.2M] for social care and is broadly in line with what had been expected following the Chancellor of the Exchequer's Autumn Statement in November.

Cabinet member for finance Richard Rout said: “The funding Suffolk County Council is now guaranteed to get from Government next year is certainly more than we were expecting months ago, so that is very welcome.

"It’s clear that the Government recognises the specific areas of local public services that need additional funding, including education and special education needs.

“The Government has also given us a clear steer on funding for 2024/25 - which helps us plan much further ahead than we have been able to in the past. This is essential for councils under significant financial pressures, so we welcome this support.”

However, the opposition Green, Liberal Democrat and Independent group said more support would be needed for social care than the administration was prepared to raise.: Sarah Lucy Brown)…

"They rejected our group’s proposal to retain more money for social care into the core budget.

"Now, we have an almost four per cent council tax rise at the time when many more residents enter fuel poverty. Instead of a series of tiny rises, residents have been given a short time to cope with this Conservative lead sharp rise.

“This budget only tells half a story of why we’re in this mess. The Conservative administration has failed to take responsibility for its part in the economic mess it's helped to put us in."


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