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(UK) Suffolk task force to focus on SPED and other "key education issues"

June 4, 2019, Suffolk Free Press: Task forces to be established to place education issues in Suffolk under greater scrutiny Key education issues, such as special educational needs, catchment areas and home schooling, will be put under greater scrutiny thanks to a series of new task forces. Suffolk County Council previously had a scrutiny committee to question decisions made on key education issues…. Although this was defeated, a deal was instead struck to set up a series of cross-party task groups for specific education issues, which will also be able to call upon experts and those in the industry. Suffolk Labour education spokesman Jack Abbott said: “I believe we are on the same page and recognise the need for a transparent, robust scrutiny proposal. I hope this offer for proper scrutiny of education is upheld.” Cllr Abbott added that, if the task and finish groups did not end up providing the adequate analysis of education issues, the group would return with a fresh call for a dedicated committee. It is not yet clear when the groups will begin or what the first areas of education will be looked at, but the groups can run for as long as needed before returning with their findings.


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