(UK) Suffolk school "shining example" of mental health help; employs own clinical psychologist

July 24, 2018, E. Anglican Daily News: Read how a Suffolk school is leading the way in pupil mental health A Suffolk school is being held up as a shining example after greatly improving the mental health of pupils by employing its own clinical psychologist. Thurston Community College [high school] is one of the first schools in the country to invest in a full-time psychologist. Dr Beth Mosley was appointed 18 months ago after the school approached Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust (NSFT) to ask how mental health support could best be offered to its 1,750 students. … Now leaders are looking at rolling out the scheme to other schools across the county 
and beyond. … She has also been reviewing the school’s mental health education and working with staff to help them identify and best support children who are struggling. … Nationally there has been a rise in schoolchildren experiencing mental health difficulties. Dr Mosley said this could be due to a range of issues facing young people including exam pressures, cyber-bullying, self-esteem and worries about finding a job. … Talks are under way about how this scheme could benefit other schools. There is currently a major review taking place to reshape mental health services in Suffolk. …