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(UK) Sudbury parents protest "CRISIS" due to lack of SPED services

May 30, 2019, Sudbury Mercury: 'This is a right, not a luxury' - Parents march through Ipswich to protest against special needs cuts Families from across the county have shared their heartbreaking stories of children in crisis as part of an impassioned march to protest against government cuts. The march, part of a national movement to secure better support for children with special needs and disabilities (SEND), started from Endeavour House, home of Suffolk County Council (SCC), at 10.15am this morning - and continued through the Cornhill on to Christchurch Park. Dozens of parents, carers and children gathered for the event, described by organisers as a "peaceful protest", with many sharing their stories of extreme hardship at the hands of what they claim is a failing system. … "The cuts to school funding, the cuts to educational funding as a whole, and the way in which the responsibilities and powers of educational authorities have been split up makes it very, very difficult for any authority to actually find young people the provision that they need," he said. "We have far too many children and young people in this county who are not getting any educational at all, which is just completely unacceptable. … "I'd like to say I'm really sorry for all of those parents who have waited weeks, months, even years for their EHCPs. I'm really sorry for all those families who have had to cart their kids hours away to school, sometimes even in Norfolk or further afield. I'm really sorry you feel like sometimes you have to battle for months and years, spending thousands of pounds on tribunal processes, just to get the support you and your family deserve. … He said: "Suffolk children with special educational needs do not get a good deal from the government on funding. … … Mr Chambers added: "There's been a huge increase in special educational needs cases and that's for various reasons. It's something that we desperately want to get right, but these things take time. We are adamant that we will get it right in the end."… "Funding for the high needs budget is a priority for this government and we know that councils and schools are facing pressures - that's why in December we provided an extra £250million up to 2020 to help manage these costs. This takes the total amount that we have allocated for high needs funding to £6.3billion this year, compared to £5bn in 2013. …


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