(UK) Stockton: Suspension of mentally ill students called 'disgraceful'

July 1, 2018, Middlesbrough Gazette: The schools where one in three pupils have had a 'fixed term exclusion' A stinging review into “unprecedented” exclusion levels at schools across Stockton is to be sent to the top levels of government. A Stockton Council review has revealed more than one in three pupils at Outwood Academy Bishopsgarth and North Shore Academy have received an “fixed term exclusion”, which is a temporary removal from school, as of June 7 this year. The authority has examined exclusion at borough schools all year and the its final draft report into the problem says it is “very concerned” about the number of permanent and “fixed term exclusions” (FTE) it has uncovered…. “It’s right that schools are now dealing with children’s mental health and if some schools are adding to that, that is disgraceful. “They should be caring for their children and pupils.”… The review lays blame for the increase at the feet of new behaviour management policies adopted by academies with “overly strict and zero tolerance approaches” which it said lacked flexibility….