(UK) Stockton faces huge cost of excluding students; more funds for SPED needed

Nov 30, 2018, Stockton Teesside Live: Permanent exclusions from Stockton schools cost council an extra £200,000 Permanent exclusions from Stockton schools have cost the council an extra £200,000. … The figure comes amid some of Stockton's schools and academies recording some of the highest fixed term exclusion (FTE) levels in the country. Council members carried out a six month review into "inclusion in schools" - which criticised punitive behaviour policies and urged a review of alternative schooling as well as the role of the PRU, at Bishopton. The council probe also agreed to look at the creation of a free school to ease pressure on SEND services as well as the PRU. … Cllr Watson believed there would always be challenging behaviours in schools but claimed the PRU was dealing with pupils who'd been sent for infractions which "did not warrant" its attention. … Over the last five years, the council has transferred £5m [$6.4M US dollars] from the government's central Dedicated Schools Grant (DSG) it receives to the "high needs" funding pot for children with Special Education Needs and Disabilities (SEND). Now it has agreed to send a request to the government to transfer £1.4m from the DSG pot as it faces a £2.3m shortfall in its schools budget come March next year….