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(UK) Sterling, Scotland: $11M for 3 special needs schools

Oct 5, 2022, Daily Record: Progress on new £5million [$5.6M] school for young people with additional support needs
Councillors have set the ball rolling on creating a new £5million secondary school for young people with additional support needs.
The facility - earmarked for a site next to Bannockburn High School - is part of a wider £10million [$11M] investment, which will also see two new ASN facilities created within Stirling’s rural areas….

But a target of summer 2023 has been set for completion of the Bannockburn provision, through a modular build.

The investment in secondary specialist ASN provision is approved in Stirling Council’s current capital programme with £5million set out for 2023/23 and £4million in 2024/25.

The council’s children and young people committee recently unanimously gave approval for officers to begin the procurement process for the Bannockburn provision.

The facilities are being built due to insufficient capacity in the current education estate to support the growing number of secondary aged pupils with ASN who require access to specialist provision.

A review found that additional capacity would be needed in the city centre for 48 pupils over the short to medium term….

“Current capacity in the ASN estate will be breached with effect from the start of the 2023/24 academic session and an infrastructure solution is required to be in place from August 2023.”…

The facility is set to be built on a site next to Bannockburn High School (Image: Stirling Observer)


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