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(UK) Somerset sees increase in SPED kids excluded for assaulting teachers

Aug 20, 2019, North Somerset Times: Rise in school exclusions due to assaults 90 Number of students excluded for assaulting an adult in 2017/2018. 1,533 Total number of students excluded from school in 2017/2018. 45 Number of pupils permanently excluded in 2017/2018. Schools excluded students 90 times for assaulting teachers in 2017-2018. This was compared to 60 the previous year - a 50 per cent rise. Of these, 84 were temporary exclusions and six were permanent. … Jon Reddiford, branch secretary for North Somerset National Education Union (NEU), said: "I think there has been a rise as we have seen ongoing cuts in both general school funding, but also funding for SEND - special educational needs and disabilities - students in particular. "Therefore, if the needs of these students are not being met - which is more likely if there is not the funding there for the kind of support they need - and they are therefore not coping, then some sort of a violent outburst becomes more likely. … The figures include assaults by children at state-funded primary, secondary and special schools in the area. Dr Mary Bousted, joint general secretary of the NEU, said teachers often cite pupil behaviour as a reason why they walk away from the profession. … North Somerset schools excluded pupils 1,533 times in 2017-18 - 45 of these were permanent. This was a 45 per cent increase on the previous year, when they excluded 1,059 students. A North Somerset Council spokesman confirmed schools have access to training around behaviour management, the use of physical restraint and safeguarding.


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