(UK) Solihull: Over 1,000 parents in support groups critical of SPED services

Jan 25, 2018, (UK) Solihull Observer: SPECIAL REPORT: Parents speak out over problems special needs children face in Solihull PARENTS of children with special needs in Solihull are ‘fighting a battle’ every day to have their voices heard. They complain there is a ‘lack of provision’ for kids with sometimes complex conditions. The Observer spoke with parents concerned about ‘a severe lack of provision, understanding and support’ for children with Special Education Needs and Disabilities (SEND). Outraged parents contacted us, and criticised the Care Quality Commission (CQC)and Ofsted report published last month into SEND services in Solihull. … Parents claim children are not supported within the school setting as their complex needs are little understood. Many have said they face a struggle to get their children into school or get treatment after they develop mental health illnesses. Other parents say schools have blamed them for their children’s illnesses, with some labelled as ‘Munchausen mothers’ – parents who are accused of or inferred to be making up their children’s illnesses. … More than 1000 parents in total are members of two additional needs support groups in Solihull. … Debby added: “Trying to get a diagnosis took such a long time. Some schools refuse to admit that something is wrong to avoid costs. …”