(UK) Sheffield: Program for primary/secondary schools to promote the holistic therapies like yoga

Feb 13, 2018, (UK) Sheffield Telegraph: Telegraph roundtable: "More must be done to promote the early signs of mental health" More needs to be done in Sheffield to promote the early signs of poor mental health in young people, build resilience and reduce the stigma around the subject. That was the key messages to come from a roundtable organised by the Sheffield Telegraph with representatives from mental health charities and organisations in Sheffield. The city is leading the way nationally its Sheffield Healthy Minds framework, which is being rolled out to all schools across the city. The programme has seen mental health champions recruited in 10 primary and secondary schools to help to tackle stress-related illnesses such as depression, eating disorders and self-harm among pupils. It has also included developing a 'whole school approach' to students’ emotional well-being through training, surveys, educational tools and supporting staff in their understanding of good mental health and early help. … Gail Gibbons, chief executive of Sheffield Futures, that more must be done to promote the holistic therapies and activities that youngsters can do to improve mental health and wellbeing, such as yoga, going for a walk and cooking. She said: "We need to promote that you are not a crazy person if you are feeling this way, it's normal and the solutions can often be simple.