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(UK) Scotland "Increasing trend"... more kids assessed with special needs; "better assessment" cited

Feb. 23, 2021, Councillors to consider extra provision for children with additional support needs Expanding local Additional Support Needs provision is being considered in a bid to cope with a rising number of children with disabilities and conditions…. They say more investment is needed locally to avoid having to find specialist placements outwith the Stirling area “at significant cost in each case”…. Nationally and locally there has been a long-term increasing trend in the number of children and young people assessed as having ASN and diagnosed disabilities. In Stirling 2817 children were assessed as having ASN in 2013 - increasing to 3528 in 2019…. The reasons for the increase are believed to partly relate to better assessment and recording along with medical advances. Autism Spectrum Disorders are particularly prevalent….. Officers predict that 10 new classes of six young people could be required within the next 10 years and 48 places within five to six years….


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