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(UK) Scotland: 98,000 more SPED students/$280M more funding; underfunded

June 26, 2021, Glasgow Live: Funding for Scots students with additional support needs falls by £1000 [$1,400] per pupil

The number of pupils identified as having ASN has increased by 97,886 while the average spend per pupil across Scotland's councils has fallen by 24.6%.

Funding to support children will special needs has fallen by more than £1,000 [$1,400 U.S.] per pupil since 2012, according to Scottish Government figures. While the total amount of education funding for children with additional support needs (ASN) has risen by £200 million [$280M] over that time, the number of pupils identified as having ASN increased by 97,886…. Meanwhile, the number of full-time equivalent ASN teachers at publicly funded schools fell from 3,389 to a record low of 2,836, a decrease of 553 teachers…. "Such a situation is clearly challenging in an environment of austerity and evidence of cuts in spending per pupil with ASN and in the number of specialist teachers supporting this group. "It is vital that the Scottish Government and local authorities work together to provide the necessary resourcing to address the needs of those children and young people with ASN, who represent some of the most vulnerable individuals in our society. "


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