***(UK) Scotland: 29% of students now have SPED needs; more teachers needed

Mar 12, 2019, BBC: Teacher numbers up in Scottish state schools The total number of teachers working in Scottish schools went up by 546 last year, according to Scottish government figures. The headline number of teachers employed in state schools rose to 51,138 last year from 50,592 in 2017. Nationally, the ratio of pupils to teachers stayed the same. … Meanwhile, campaigners are calling for more support for children with additional support needs. Additional support needs is a broad phrase which takes in a number of different - and unconnected - problems and challenges. It includes children with physical disabilities or who face lifelong challenges such as autism or dyslexia. … 'Not kept pace' The Scottish Children's Services Coalition says it is concerned that the amount being spent on children with additional support needs (ASN) has not kept pace with the numbers who require support. The number of pupils identified with ASN rose from 118,034 in 2012 to 199,065 in 2018 - with the total now representing 28.7% of pupils. But over the same period the number of specialist teachers fell from 3,840 to 3,437…. "It is especially concerning that the number of children identified with Additional Support Needs (ASN) has increased while the number of specialist teachers has fallen," the spokesman added. Deputy First Minister John Swinney said all children and young people "should get the support they need to reach their full potential". He added: "While all teachers work with pupils with additional support needs, I welcome the overall increase in specialist staff which shows education authorities are continuing to invest in having the right support, in the right place, to meet young people's needs."