(UK) Schools need SUICIDE AWARENESS TRAINING Scottish Parliament told

June 30, 2019, Express: Suicidal kids need our help CAMPAIGNERS are calling for mandatory suicide awareness training for schools after five teenagers took their lives in the space of just three months. Families and Friends Against Murder and Suicide (FAMS) launched a petition at the Scottish Parliament urging politicians to ensure youngsters are listened to in their time of need and prevented from taking their own lives. … She said: “Millions have been pledged to improve mental health facilities at schools yet we see very little change. “Politicians go around to the same old people looking at the same old solutions and we know that this approach is not working. “At the same time more and more young people are becoming so desperate they see no way out. For them the solution is to end it all.” … In total, there were 784 suicides last year - the highest number since 2013. Of the victims, five were between just 10 and 14 while the 15 to 24 age bracket saw the largest increase jumping from 64 in 2017 to 96 last year. Ms Cocozza said there have been further suicides since turn of the year and pointed out thousands of young people had been refused help for mental health issues despite promises to improve services. She went on: “We need a robust educational system in place which does not target any particular group but takes a holistic view involving pupils, their parents and guardians, teachers and other school staff….