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(UK) SPECIAL SCHOOL for Sutton; 246 ASD students to be accommodated

Aug 14, 2019, Sutton and Croydon Guardian: New school for special needs children could be built in Wallington A new school for children with special needs could be built in Wallington. Back in September 2016, the Orchard Hill College and Academy Trust (OHCAT) was given the green light by the Department for Education (DfE) to build a new Special Educational Needs (SEN) school in Sutton. Plans have now been submitted to Sutton Council for the new school, which would be called Futures Academy and be built on Sheen Way Playing Fields. … The new purpose built SEN school would cater for 246 students aged seven to 18 with autism or learning difficulties. This would be split into 53 primary school pupils and 150 secondary school pupils. There would be a further 43 places in post 16 further education. And there is expected to be up to 120 members of staff including 30 teachers and 60 teaching assistants. The rest would be support staff. … “The school will be driven to achieve this for all pupils through the development of a learning culture that is inclusive, aspirational and focused on assuring success.” …


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