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(UK) Portsmouth children wait a year for ASD diagnosis; services put on hold

Sept 29, 2019, Portsmouth News: Praise given to Portsmouth for special needs provision but authorities are told to improve support for autistic children SUPPORT for young people with special education needs and disabilities (SEND) across Portsmouth has been praised – but the authorities have been told they must improve diagnosis and help for children on the autistic spectrum…. It warned that autistic children have to wait ‘too long’ to get a diagnosis – but health bosses have promised this will be improved by March next year. … The report also praised the council on its mental health drop-in clinic which ‘is popular and well used’. The biggest area of concern for the inspectorate was the period of time families had to wait for an assessment for children potentially on the autistic spectrum disorder (ASD) and the provision of subsequent support. The report stated: ‘Children over six years waiting for an ASD assessment can wait up to 48 weeks before they are seen by a specialist. Additionally, children and young people who obtain a diagnosis of ASD do not receive any post-diagnostic support from the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) despite the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence guidance.’ … Helen, who runs the children’s disability group, Stand-up, said: ‘For some families to have to wait almost a year is unacceptable. At least once you have a diagnosis then you can start to deal with it. Having a diagnosis also helps to open up various avenues of support.’…


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