(UK) Portsmouth: 20% of kids have mental health issues; anxiety, self-harm, depression

Jan 21, 2019, Portsmouth News: Urgent action needed as figures reveal growing number of Portsmouth children with mental health conditions GROWING concerns about a rising number of children with mental health conditions have seen a major summit of teachers called in a bid to better help pupils. Figures show nearly one in five children and young people in Portsmouth have some form of mental health need. Teachers will unite in a matter of weeks for the city’s first Wellbeing in Education conference with the hope to curb anxiety, self harm and depression. … Sarah Christopher, conference coordinator and Portsmouth Education Partnership school inclusion manager, said school workers will be given ‘tools to support’ those in need on a day-to-day basis. … Sarah, who is coordinating the conference on March 25, added: ‘Nationally there is a need for teachers to develop strategies to deal with children’s increasingly complex needs. ‘The aim is to improve early identification and referral of children who need additional support. It is also about giving teachers the tools to support them in their day to day work.’ The conference is one part of the council’s Strategy for Improving Wellbeing and Resilience in Education programme. The initiative hopes to prevent mental ill health through early intervention and collaboration.