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(UK) Plymouth Schools use guinea pigs and chickens to address children's mental health needs

Feb 25, 2020, Plymouth Live: Animals helping children overcome 'difficult feelings' at Plymouth schools A set of Plymouth schools that use animal therapy as a way to tackle difficult feelings are the first in the UK to win a prestigious award dedicated to mental health and well being. Oakwood Primary Academy, Weston Mill Community Primary Academy, Beechwood Primary Academy and the Edison Centre all come under the Discovery Multi Academy Trust umbrella and it is them who have become … Measures that the Trust have put into place to aid the wellbeing of its students has resulted in significant improvements in behaviour and academic attainment. The Trust’s approach includes animal therapy with guinea pigs and chickens, outdoor learning and shared lunch between pupils and teachers. …. “As a result we have seen an improvement in the well-being of staff and children and this has been a key strategy for facilitating school improvement. “As a Trust we believe in the importance of recognising the emotional health of our school communities and we look forward to this ongoing development in the future. Receiving this award continues to validate our approach and we are extremely proud to be recognised as a Mentally Healthy Organisation.”


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