(UK) Plymouth: Parents angry over nut ban; new students have severe allergies

Jan 4, 2018, (UK) Plymouth Herald: Parents' anger as school announces total ban on NUTS A school in Devon has sparked anger and confusion by completely banning nuts from the school. The headteacher of Ide Primary School, Sharon Tarr has been blasted by parents of pupils aged four to 11 after sending home newsletters explaining a 'nut-free environment' policy which came into force yesterday. Some parents believe the decision, based on new pupils with an allergy to nuts, is too extreme and leaves little for other children to eat, reports DevonLive . … One mum said: "Parents whose children have nut allergies know what their children need. The majority of children are being penalised over this extensive ban. There isn’t much we can give them to eat."… The most severe allergic reaction (anaphylaxis), can even be life threatening. The prevalence of peanut allergy has doubled over the last decade. Around 2-3 per cent of young children are now peanut allergic.