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(UK) Peterborough (East England): 35% of SPED students NOT getting education plan within 20 wks

May 30, 2020, Peterborough Telegraph: Peterborough youngsters ‘failed’ by delays in special educational needs support plans

A third of support plans for young people with special educational needs in Peterborough overshot the legal time limit for their completion last year, new figures reveal. Campaigners say delays across the country are “deeply frustrating” and reflect a system which is failing too many people with disabilities. Department for Education data shows only 65.4 per cent of the 136 new education, health and care plans issued in Peterborough in 2019 were processed within 20 weeks, meaning 47 people waited longer. Councils draw up EHC plans to explain the extra help required by someone with special educational, health and social care needs. They were introduced in 2014 to replace statements for people with special educational needs and disability (SEND) and can be given to someone from their birth, up to the age of 25. The figure in Peterborough represents a drop from the previous year, when 73.8 per cent were dealt with in the 20 week timeframe…. Across England, 60.4 per cent of new plans were issued within 20 weeks last year. This was just up from 60.1 per cent in 2018, but worse than 64.3 per cent in 2014…. Director Dame Christine Lenehan said: “Sadly, this situation reflects a system that, as has been well documented, is failing too many children and young people.” She added that a review of the sector – announced by the Government last year – needed to address these problems when it gets under way. The Disabled Children’s Partnership added that it is “deeply concerning” so many children are not getting help within the required time. MPs recently warned that many of the 1.3 million school-age children across England with special educational needs are not getting the support they need…. This bucked the trend across the country, where 53,900 new plans were issued during 2019 – a 10 per cent increase on the previous year. The Local Government Association said the rise was putting more pressure on the SEND system and that it was concerned local authorities will be unable to cope with demand…. A spokesman added: “We have increased the high needs budget to well over £7 billion [$9B US] this year – an increase of 12 per cent nationally compared to last year – and our SEND review will look at how we improve the system for those who need support.”


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