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(UK) Peterborough: Councilor 'delighted' over $4.5M (US) for 'increasing numbers' of SPED kids

Dec 23, 2019, Peterborough Today: Extra £3.5m funding for children with special educational needs in Peterborough An extra £3.5 million [$4.5M US] will be made available for special educational needs and disability (SEND) children in Peterborough next year, a meeting has heard…. Ms Ravenscroft said: “I live in Peterborough and have a son aged 21 who has profound and multiple learning disabilities and a daughter who is 18 and has complex mental health needs and a learning difficulty; it is partly due to wanting to achieve the best for them that led me into becoming involved in parent participation. “During 2019, SEND gained a lot of publicity in Peterborough from parents protesting over a crisis in the system – including children being wrongfully excluded from schools. There has been strong criticism from regulators over the implementation of reforms in the city and desperate pleas for further funding from both charities and the city council. “So the news that there will be additional funding of £3.5 million for SEND in 2020 comes as a welcome relief to many like me who have increasing numbers of children who need help and support.” … Cllr Nicola Day said: “I am delighted this additional funding will be used to alleviate the crisis that was well publicised earlier in the year.


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