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(UK) Perth: "Massive increase in demand" for autism services post COVID

Mar 12, 2023, Courier: Perth Autism Support: Charity sees ‘unprecedented’ rise in demand post-Covid


There has been a massive increase in demand for the services of Perth Autism Support since the Covid-19 pandemic, according to its founder….

The group moved into its new home on New Row in February 2022.

“It is four times bigger than our previous centre, with a garden, dedicated family support room, sensory room, computer room, activities room for children, youth hub for young adults and a training space.”

More than 1,100 people are now registered with Perth Autism Support, which has 32 staff. It also delivers outreach activities in Pitlochry, Blairgowrie, Crieff and Kinross.

In addition, Perth Autism Support developed and started its Dundee services in 2021 and its early-years service in 2022….

An ‘unprecedented demand’ post-Covid

The charity now takes on around 15 new referrals every month.

“I don’t think I ever anticipated that Perth Autism Support would grow as significantly as it has,” Angie added.

“All service areas are in demand, but post-Covid we have seen an unprecedented demand in our one-to-one support for children, young people and families – particularly for education support.

“Mental-health support continues to be an area of increased demand as do our training services and employers’ support.”…


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