(UK) Peanut ban? How allergies are changing schools

Aug 23, 2017, BBC: Should we ban nuts in public places? Nuts are an on-the-go snacking staple, yet they are also potentially deadly to a small fraction of the UK population. So is it time to crack down on eating nuts in public and if so, where should we start?... About one in 50 primary school-age children is affected by a peanut allergy, which has prompted some schools to ban peanuts and other foods in the canteen, staff room and playground. A primary school in South Wales recently implemented a "no chocolate policy" because of one boy's allergy, telling parents: "All areas of the school will be chocolate-free." And while schools have been known to ban some foods for health reasons - such as fruit juices - another school prohibited birthday cakes in case any of the ingredients contain allergens.