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(UK) Oxon: "Oversubscribed" special school "where pupil behaviour has 'deteriorated'"

Jan 8, 2024, This is Oxfordshire: SEND school near Oxford sees more staff departures  
A special needs schools where pupil behaviour has “deteriorated” in the last six months has seen more staff members leave.

Woodeaton Manor School has seen behaviour standards fall this school year because too many pupils are enrolled, according to an ex-governor.
The foundation special school has 84 pupils with severe emotional and social difficulties who are taught in a large manor house in Woodeaton village.

In mid-November, all of the school’s governors resigned following an Ofsted inspection, with the report yet to be published.

Headteacher Simon Bishop has been absent since June, with interim consultant headteacher Alan Buckley in charge since November.

But Mr Buckley will now leave his position on Friday (January 12), according to the school’s website.

Fenella Dowler-Luke has been appointed the new consultant headteacher and there are two new deputy heads, Robin Bertrand and Olu Odunsi.

It comes after former deputy head Jenny Jura departed, with one student telling the Oxford Mail that she left “abruptly just before Christmas”.

The issues at the school have been blamed on Oxfordshire County Council’s alleged failings to create enough special needs places in the county.

It has left the school oversubscribed, the ex-governor said. 

“The educational authority’s role is to provide school places across the county, and they haven’t provided enough,” he added.

The council aims to create more than 300 new places during the next four years.

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