*(UK) Over 4,000 SPED students "without a school place"; "no local school can take them"

April 3, 2018, (UK) Guardian: Teachers have sounded the alarm – it’s time to listen For many children, the Easter holidays are in full swing. But spare a thought for the more than 4,000 children who have learning disabilities. They won’t be taking a break from school: they’re stuck at home for the long-term, as no local schools can take them. The number of children with special educational needs in England without a school place has more than doubled from 1,710 in 2016 to 4,050 in 2017. … Parents have told me of the battle to gain a diagnosis for their children, who are often written off by teachers as troublesome and disruptive, especially in the case of autism. Once they do secure a diagnosis and a statement of needs, they spend just as long attempting to have the provisions their statement requires put in place. Schools are overworked and underfunded,... Is it any surprise children with more complex needs are forgotten, when even the bare bones of the curriculum are proving a struggle for overworked, underfunded teachers? And even those struggling teachers might not be around for long: four-fifths have considered quitting the profession in the past year alone, according to a survey by the National Education Union….