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(UK) Official: 'It can be a nightmare'for parents of SPED kids to get help

Aug 23, 2023, Yahoo News: Labour: ‘Government has neglected education for too long’

The shadow chief secretary to the treasury, Pat McFadden, says the government has “neglected education for far too long” as new plans to build special free schools to support children with special education needs are announced.

Pat McFadden: The government has neglected education for some years. We’ve had many different education secretaries over the years.

We haven’t seen the enthusiasm for standards and reform and expanding opportunity that you need in education from this government. That’s something we’re determined to change.

The country can’t progress in the future unless we help every pupil be the best version of themselves that they can; achieve as much as possible. That’s what we want to do.

We don’t see much passion in that regard from the government.

It’s really important that the education system caters for every pupil.

And if they’ve got special needs, that we respond to that, and that a special provision is put in place.

This can be a nightmare for parents trying to get help for children that they need.

And it just one part of a picture where, I think, education has been, candidly, neglected by the government for far too long.

Shadow chief secretary to the treasury, Pat McFadden,


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