(UK) Number of students with "complex needs" soaring

Feb 22, 2017, UK ‘Dramatic’ increase of children with complex needs The number of disabled children with complex needs has ‘dramatically’ increased, report reveals, but their families find it difficult to access local authority support. The new report, commissioned by the Council for Disabled Children and the True Colours Trust, estimated the number of disabled children and young people has increased by over 50% since 2004 - from 49,300 to 73,000. The study is based mostly on school census data on special educational needs, but it notes that reliable data is ‘extremely scarce’ and the figures may be larger because many children with complex needs are educated in the Independent Special School Sector which is not required to return detailed data on these pupils. … Ms Pinney also warned services are not keeping pace with the rising number of disabled children. … There are also 41,500 children and young people with a learning disability or autism are currently on waiting lists to see a mental health specialist.