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(UK) Nottinghamshire: 74 denials of SPED services were appealed by parents in 2020

June 23, 2021, Eastwood Kimberly Advertiser: Nottinghamshire families appealed dozens of council rulings on disabled children's education East Midlands England

Ministry of Justice data shows 74 appeals were submitted to the Special Educational Needs and Disability tribunal in Nottinghamshire in 2020. The number was up from 67 the year before and up from 47 appeals in 2014…. Families who disagree with the local authority's decision not to assess or reassess a child, or not to change their Education Health and Care plan, can lodge an appeal to the SEND tribunal. In 2020, 3,327 decisions which had the potential of being appealed were made across Nottinghamshire, with families appealing 2.2 per cent of them to the tribunal – higher than the two per cent rate the year before, but lower than the 2.6 per cent rate recorded in 2014….


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