(UK) Nottingham: School exclusions up; most for 'persistent disruptive behaviour'

Dec 19, 2017, (Nottingham, England) Notts TV: Number of children permanently excluded from Nottingham schools more than doubles The number of children permanently excluded from Nottingham city schools has more than doubled in four years, figures show. More than one child in every 500 is permanently excluded from school – considerably above the national and regional averages. Nottingham City Council will meet to discuss the increase this week, after figures showed the problem has developed in the space of four years and the rate of permanent exclusions in the current academic year showed ‘no significant change’. … “Currently the numbers are too high and this level is financially unsustainable – money is being taken away from other pupils every time one of their peers is excluded.” A report by the authority’s Head of Access and Inclusion, Nick Lee, says the rise is a “matter of concern” which has hit budgets because providing education to children outside of mainstream schools is more expensive than traditional schooling. Statistics from the council show there are a wide range of reasons why Nottingham children are being excluded from school. Figures for the last five years, covering all exclusions from city secondary schools – fixed term and permanent – show 41 per cent, or 3,904, were for “persistent disruptive behaviour”. Physical assault on other pupils was the second most common reason on 19 per cent, and verbally abusing an adult was third at 18 per cent.