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(UK) Norwich: Autism school marks "Autism Acceptance Week"

Mar 27, 2023, Norwich Evening News: Norwich: Pupils at Wherry School mark Autism Acceptance Week

E. England

To mark the beginning of Autism Acceptance Week, pupils at The Wherry School in Norwich wanted to share how important their school is to them.

The Hall Road school opened in September 2017 in response to the rising need for alternative educational provisions for learners with an ASD (autism spectrum disorder) diagnosis in Norfolk. …

Students at The Wherry follow two parallel curriculums: the academic, subject-focused curriculum and a supporting Autistic Specialist Skills and Knowledge curriculum (ASSK).

The ASSK curriculum provides pupils with opportunities to collaborate in groups, practise communication skills and consider how to prepare for the world beyond The Wherry, with PE lessons still available.

Reece Morgan, the extended school manager, has compiled a portfolio including trampolining, orienteering, geocaching, dodgeball, yoga and climbing.

English teacher, Andrew Crass, said: “When the range of the offer at The Wherry is weighed up, it becomes clear that students with ASD diagnoses can not only integrate into a school environment, but they can flourish and achieve both academic and personal success.”


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