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(UK) Northampton: School "welcomes Neurodiversity Week"

Apr 3, 2023, Northampton Chronicle: Northamptonshire school commemorates Neurodiversity Celebration Week with dedicated events

E. Midlands

Proud of the diversity in their school, Northampton High School welcomes Neurodiversity Week as the perfect occasion to celebrate the wonderfully varied qualities of the school community.

Neurodiversity Celebration Week is a special opportunity to celebrate the strengths and talents of people with learning differences and at Northampton High School, staff and students welcome every chance to be kind, tolerant and accepting of others.

This year, the school was delighted to hold a variety of activities to raise awareness for neurodiversity and to further educate the school community on the importance of this celebration. Believing in celebrating neurodiversity all year round, not just for one week,

Northampton High is committed to learning more about the topic and cherishing their neurodivergent students for all the wonderful attributes and talents with which they enrich the school….

In their assembly, the group highlighted various high-profile people and their experiences of being neurodivergent, as well as listing positive traits associated with autism, ADHD, dyspraxia, and dyslexia. …

Emphasising how the neurodiversity movement represents a shift in attitudes and understanding of neurodivergent conditions, Mrs Beezley explained why these differences should be seen as intrinsic to the individual, and not something to be cured or suppressed.

Northampton school commemorates Neurodiversity Celebration Week with dedicated events to promote kindness and inclusion


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