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(UK) North East: Some special schools rated 'inadequate'/'requiring improvement'

Aug 27, 2022, Chronicle Live: All the North East special schools rated inadequate or requiring improvement by Ofsted

NE England

The North East has a number of special schools that provide an education for children with additional needs or disabilities.

However not all of them are up to standard, according to Ofsted. Some schools in the region have been given a low rating by inspectors.

We have looked at reports published by the Office for Standards in Education, Children's Services and Skills for schools across the North East. And the following special schools have been classed as 'inadequate' or 'requiring improvement'.

Ofsted gives four ratings - 'outstanding' at the top, followed by 'good', 'requires improvement' and then 'inadequate'. We have listed the six special schools that need to take further action to improve their standards of education.

We have divided the results up for each local authority and given the name of the school as well as the date of the latest Ofsted report, and the rating given by Ofsted….


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