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(UK) Norfolk: Former MP wants to raise $1.3M (US) for youth mental health campaign

Dec 2, 2019, Eastern Daily Press: Sir Norman Lamb sets £1m [$1.3M US] target to give young people a 'bright future' A mental health campaign has raised £100,000 in just four months and is now setting its target on a £1million for grass roots services in Norfolk. Sir Norman Lamb said he has been left "overwhelmed" to the response since he announced the Norman Lamb Mental Health and Wellbeing Fund in August. He launched the fund with the Norfolk Community Foundation with the aim to improve the lives of children, teenagers and young adults with learning difficulties, autism and mental health. Full details of where the cash will be targeted will be revealed in 2020…. "I always say to people this could affect any family across our county. Any family can be affected by mental ill health or discover a child or grandchild has autism or may have autism or have to wait two or three years for a diagnosis." The former Norfolk North MP said it cannot be left to government and services needed to improve but stressed he did not want to fight statutory services…. The former care minister has his own personal experience after his eldest son was diagnosed with an obsessive compulsive disorder as a teenager. He said the family were told there would be a six month wait but were able to pay for treatment, an option many cannot afford. Sir Norman has also raised long waiting times for primary school children as young as six were waiting 18 months….


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