(UK) Norfolk Cty: $330,000 US for outplacing ONE ASD student; $19M US for 300 kids total

July 30, 2018, Norwich Eastern Daily Press: Severely autistic teenager to be moved to Lincolnshire school for £250,000 a year amid lack of Norfolk places Dr Bill and Nicola O’Connor’s son, who is non-verbal, had been a student at Sidestrand Hall School, near Cromer, where they say he made “tremendous progress”. But with the school unable to cater for his needs post-16, and a lack of suitable provision in Norfolk, the decision has been made to move him to an independent school 96 miles away in Lincolnshire - costing Norfolk County Council, and the taxpayer, £250,000 a year. [$330,000 US] Earlier this month, the council’s children’s services team acknowledged that a lack of special school places locally meant a high number - more than 300 - of children with special educational needs were placed in independent schools, some out of county, at an average cost of £48,000 a year. [$63,000 US] And a Freedom of Information Request from 2016/17 showed that at least £14.5m was spent on independent placements in that year. [$19M US]