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(UK) Norfolk County loses suit; will provide $146M (US) in SPED services

Aug 18, 2019, Eastern Daily Press: Special needs girl was let down by council The local government and social care ombudsman ruled that the council had failed in its support for a girl with anxiety, who spent two months out of education. It found fault in how the authority responded to requests for help from the girl's school after it said it could not provide the specialist care set out in her education, health and care plan (EHCP) and even called for an emergency review of the plan. The ombudsman's report said: "The council has commented that it expects the school to continue to meet the need and put the provision specified in the EHCP in place until a suitable placement is found even once they have told the council they cannot meet the need. This is not acceptable. The duty is on the council to secure the provision is made." Norfolk County Council said it was making improvements to its EHCP processes and bringing in more staff as part of a £120m [$146M U.S.] investment in special needs education. The ombudsman ruled in May that the council must apologise to the family and pay them £900, [$1,000 U.S.] including £300 to reimburse them for private tuition arranged while their daughter was not in school. It was the latest complaint upheld by the ombudsman against the council in relation to its provision for children with special educational needs, following 11 upheld cases in 2017 and 2018. …


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