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(UK) Norfolk: $23M for new special school for 170 students; plan for 500 more places

June 18, 2021, (UK) Norwich Eastern Daily Press: New 170-place school given the go-ahead

SE England A new school for youngsters with special educational needs is to be built on the edge of Norwich, after it was unanimously backed by councillors. Permission for the 170-place school at Easton was granted by members of Norfolk County Council's planning regulatory committee on Friday, June 18…. Norfolk County Council was awarded £17m [$23M U.S.] in 2019 to build the school, part of its programme to create 500 extra specialist school places across the county. … "We recognise the need in Norfolk and the need for new special school places and we'd really like to bring the expertise we've got to running this school." She said the design of the school was according to Department for Education standards, but she said: "We have worked very closely with Portakabin to think about the needs of the children with complex needs."…


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