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(UK) Norfolk $18M (US) special needs school to serve 100 students by Sept

June 14, 2019, Eastern Daily Press: Take a tour of Norfolk's £14m [$18M US dollars] world-class complex needs school Educating children with profound physical and mental difficulties requires high-class facilities - and a complex needs school in Norfolk thinks its new £14m [$18M US dollars] building is up to the challenge. The purpose-built Chapel Green School in Old Buckenham, which replaced Chapel Road School, caters for children aged three to 19 with a range of difficulties - from those with autism who have struggled in mainstream school to children using wheelchairs, oxygen masks and feeding tubes. It was funded by Norfolk County Council supported by a £3.9m government grant and was designed with input from staff, parents and pupils. Its first 63 pupils arrived in January 2018, with the numbers growing to 87 in September 2018 and set to increase again to 101 in September 2019. A formal opening event is due to take place on Friday, June 28. … Headteacher Karin Heap said the pupils, for whom disruption can be particularly distressing, felt at home in the new building. "In the old school we were 'outstanding', but how much more can we do now?" she said. "We know we are going to get more children and what we have works really well. It is about taking everybody with you and making sure everybody has a say. It is a tall order, but we managed to do it to turn the building into something that works. …


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