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(UK) Norfolk: $153M (U.S.) invested in SPED across the county; "'significant' failings"

June 9, 2020, BBC: Norfolk Special Education Needs and Disabilities service 'failing' Families have been left "feeling isolated" due to "significant" failings in Norfolk's Special Education Needs and Disabilities (Send) services, a report said. Inspectors found failings in areas including diagnosis and waiting times. They also found a backlog in reviews and assessments…. Inspectors from Ofsted and the Care Quality Commission (CQC) found that families were "facing a cliff edge" as children approached adulthood due to a lack of communication and knowledge by service leaders. They found the backlog in reviews and assessments of critical education, health and care (EHC) plans was creating delays in accessing services, causing families to have "well-founded concerns" about the effectiveness those plans. Their report said families "feel isolated" and unsure where to seek guidance…. John Fisher, cabinet member for children's services at the council, said: "We have an ambitious strategy to address it, which inspectors recognised. There are no surprises in this report: we know where improvement is required, and we are committed to achieving this." He said £120m [$153M U.S.] was being invested in Send services across the county….


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