(UK) NI education system in "complete meltdown"; SPED help not happening

Oct 1, 2019, Belfast Telegram: Northern Ireland school principal says Education Authority is in 'meltdown' A Northern Ireland school principal has claimed the Education Authority (EA) is in "meltdown". Diane Dawson of Braniel Primary School in east Belfast said she has serious concerns about getting help for pupils and staff. Ms Dawson has sent a letter, seen by BBC News NI, to the EA's chief executive Sara Long highlighting her concerns. "In my opinion, the Education Authority is in complete meltdown and I have never known such a crisis as this in my twelve years in post as a principal," she said. The principal said she has been trying to support for two of her pupils with special educational needs (SEN), however none has been forthcoming…. "The context in which I am trying to meet the needs of my children, particularly my most vulnerable children, seems to be impossible," she said. "I am now crying out, directly to you Ms Long, for help because I am at a loss as to where I can go." The EA said it "giving careful consideration" to the issues raised in the letter and "will respond as soon as possible