(UK) NHS fails to address student mental health needs

Sept 11, 2018, BBC: 'Black hole' in youth mental health support Three out of four parents say their children's mental health deteriorated while waiting for NHS support, according to a report by charity YoungMinds…. The YoungMinds report said there was "a black hole in youth and community services" where essential early support could be provided. It said hundreds of youth centres had closed and thousands of youth workers had been lost, which meant young people had fewer trusted adults to help them cope…. The charity said the government's recent plans to introduce mental health support teams in schools were a step in the right direction, but would cover "less than a quarter of areas by 2022-23"…. NHS England said the government, schools and councils would all need to work together to meet the needs of children and young people. Emma Thomas, chief executive of YoungMinds said: "The crisis in young people's mental health is real and it's urgent….