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(UK) N.Tyneside: Council to request funds to address $22M high needs deficit

Nov 24, 2022, Chronicle Live: Council to apply for extra support from central government to help SEND children and young people As pressures continue to mount on North Tyneside's special educational needs services, the local authority is bidding for extra support from the Department of Education.

NE England

A deadline is looming for North Tyneside Council to request a share of £300m [$363M] from central Government to help support children with special educational needs.

The Government has expanded a previous programme, called the safety valve intervention programme, and has asked for bids from more councils across the country. The programme now has an additional £300m in its spending review.

North Tyneside Council needs to submit an initial proposal to the Government by January 13 2023 and a final submission needs to be delivered by February 3 2023. The local authority will be told if they are eligible for extra support by March 2023.

North Tyneside Council, alongside most councils nationally, are experiencing additional pressures on their services for SEND children. North Tyneside Council reports a projected deficit in the high needs part of its school funding of £17.913m [$22M].

The potential overspend has been attributed to numerous factors.

The council has recorded an increase in requests from "educational settings" and parents for education, health and care needs assessments. There had been 269 requests in 2018 and this increased to 359 since the last figures were collected in 2021.

The age limits for education, health and care plans have also been increased from 18 to 25 [in 2014]. The council stated there has been no additional funding to support this. …

“Like many authorities nationally, we’re experiencing a continuing rise in the number of children with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) and this comes with increased financial pressures. We want to be there to provide the right level of support at the right time, in every step of a young person’s journey and we’re working to ensure we have the correct provisions in place for children in our borough. …

North Tyneside Council Headquarters at Cobalt Business Park (Image: Newcastle Chronicle)


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