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(UK) N. Tyneside: Borough and schools to become 'autism friendly'

July 15, 2022, North Tyneside Chronicle: North Tyneside Council backs efforts to make the borough 'autism friendly'

N. England Elected representatives of North Tyneside heard about the intiatives underway to improve services for people with autism

North Tyneside council has backed efforts to make the borough more autism friendly.

Julie Young, a commissioning manager for North Tyneside council, reported back to local authority’s adult social care, health, and wellbeing sub-committee on the progress made. A consultation took place in 2019 but was delayed by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The authority’s Autism Strategy has been raising awareness of autism within its own services. Sessions about autism and carers have been added to core training for all staff. Two new members of staff have been hired to upskill hospital workers to better support people with autism who are also diagnosed with mental health conditions. A ‘Worry Group’ has also been established to help autistic people aged 16-25 living with anxiety.

Four schools in the borough have signed up to the ‘Autism in Schools’ project. The project aims to support children with autism to achieve success in mainstream education….


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