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(UK) N.I. Belfast: More than 100 special needs kids STILL have no school place

July 18 2020, NI Belfast Live: Belfast mum launches petition to demand immediate action as son among 100 children still without special school places Harry, eight, is non verbal A Belfast mum whose son is among more than 100 SEN kids who still don’t have a school place has launched a petition calling for immediate action. Colette Stewart told her little boy’s story last month in the hope he would be placed soon…. She told Belfast Live: “There are still very anxious, very stressed families across the country who are waiting to find out what happens in September. The situation hasn’t gone away. “There is no excuse that they can give for this situation apart from systemic failure…. “He cannot speak and you have to know him really quite well to know what he wants. He’s still in nappies - there’s a whole array of tricky situations - you would not do it to a child going into mainstream. “There are serious equality issues here.”


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